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See One Interview on BSA

My good friend See One just had an interview featured on brooklyn street art.  It’s an in depth look at the artists process and the evolution of his shards technique.

A New York native, See One is a self-taught visual artist with a big imagination which was electrified as a kid in the city seeing graffiti growing up in the 1980s. Constantly drawing for hours on end as a child, he was also inspired by the characters, cartoons, and comic books of the time and he began creating his own world at a young age in sketchbooks and on walls. His initial pieces on the street were character-based and paid homage to that earlier New York traditional graffiti style, and he still likes that too.

Around 2009 See One began to experiment and develop a more abstract style for his works on canvas and on the street, using a recurring symbol that he now refers to as “Shards”. As his style evolved, a new world opened before him as his swift and swooping hand and arm movements produced fluid and jagged abstract graffiti patterns that fly and flow, evoking broken shards of glass that inhabit a third dimension, making the art pop off the wall. With this new practice, See One effectively opened a door for himself to combine graffiti and Street Art influences into one distinctive vision.

Read full article here

seeone from matt petricone on Vimeo.

and a quick video of SEE ONE painting a mural in brooklyn shot and edited by 

Wellington Court 2012

Went to the Wellington Court Mural Block party yesterday to shoot some pictures and see it for the first time. Although i didn’t paint i had an awesome time catching up with old friends and meeting some new ones. Artists coming together is always such an awesome time. Here’s some photos from the event. Hope to paint next year!

Retribution – The Russel King Way

Some new bolt-ups by NYC street artist russel king have been popping up around LES lately. As always they’re well executed illustrations with the RK signature style, but this one goes deeper(and funnier). Russel has a 80 year old shithead neighbor who is an old actor from the fifties. The guy was the alien from one of the old twilight zone episodes. Some of the better quotes from RK about his walking corpse neighbor.

“He once said to me “suck my fucking cock you faggot homo” because he didn’t like the music at 2:30 in the afternoon.”

“He is pushing 80 now. After screaming at me with his bad breathe he then put his hands up to fight me. I told him I only fight 80 year old women”

So to get at the guy, because your obviously going to punch an 80 year old in the face, he did it the artistic way. By making him the subject of his most recent series. He took the guys old head shot from the 50’s and made 25 bolt ups. All without unique phrases scrawled across them. Now that is how you get back at someone!

Moral of the story, don’t fuck with a street artist. Your face will be plastered all over the city by end of week.

Photos respectfully stolen from RK’s website.

Heavy Hitters 2012

Heavy hitters 2012 show lineup. CUrated by Burn353