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Young Dirty Bastard – Son

It’s uncanny how much he’s like his father. The sound, production and video are all nostalgic of the original clan videos and sound. You forget for a second it was made this year.

Nas – The Don

Everything about this is fire. Besides nas being the greatest rapper alive, the beat and production is awesome. He destroys this song.

Savage Journey to the American Dream

Can’t wait for friday! New stalley mixtape drops and i’ve been a huge fan of stalley for a while now. I have a feeling everyone is gonna hop on this bandwagon real quick. Ask them if they know about stalley this week and they’ll say who? I give it 2 weeks he’s the next TYGA or some shit.

This is the first time i ever heard Stalley and i was hooked. Shout out to my man DICE from THECITYOFGODZ. Makes a little appearance in this video.

Mac Lethal – Jake +olive